Crook Priests: Priests work for Mammon and not God

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Crook Priests: Priests work for Mammon and not God. They are psychic. Here is a version of the crook priests living on widow's mite. They have no conscience and no wonder, they hated me in Cluj, Romania. Well it usualy the equivalent of 100 euros dep...

Crook Priests: Priests work for Mammon and not God. They are psychic. Here is a version of the crook priests living on widow's mite. They have no conscience and no wonder, they hated me in Cluj, Romania. Well it usualy depends...from the equivalent of 100 euros depends on the type of ceremony.Death chants and marriages along with the christianing of babies cost the most, sometimes even 1000 euros it depends if the family is wealthy or not , or if its a village church where he serves or not. Blessing of the house less.
If you dont pay them they will not say to your face they refuse to perform the ceremony but make up excuses or do it in a really bad offensive way. They even put baskets in the church to collect money or the priests go from house to house to ask for donations. And is ok, u can use my name ...i am not afraid of anyone ....:)..I`m isabella...and i`m really glad you care. Ask any assistance i am available for you with anything
Understanding of John's Baptism leads you to hidden Gospel Treasures. If God be willing, you receive holy spirit by grace. So, first you know what you see with your two naked eyes then by grace what is not seen, the Gospel Treasures, would be known to you. Please let me know if you want lectures or Seminars. Freely received freely given. Put the Light on Lamp Stands and you will receive more to multiply. Shop keepers and traders being too polite to utter the fiery Gospel Truth cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. When you understand, John, then you are sensible enough to Seek Gospel. Holy spirit, common sense, shatters the Fetters of the Letters, Holy Books. John Baptism: Sons of Man, the tribal people, Wheat Plants killed Tares.
Hireling Blind guides of the blind are responsible for the Holocausts. How the Messianic Jews preferred rotten Torah to New Testament. John directed sensible men to the Narrow Gate for Salvation. People of Judah tribe brought in the rotten Torah and killed Churches. John showed them the Road that leads to Narrow Gate of Salvation whilst the Temple Priests were leading people into the Wide Gate in the opposite direction.
Many people do not know the Baptism of John. John said, I am baptizing you in water but the one coming after me, Christ Jesus shall baptize you in Holy Spirit. John baptizes men only and not a single woman was baptized but today, these dog-collared hirelings hypocrites of Mammon baptize both men and women in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What the Baptism of water has to do with Holy Spirit, etc when John proclaimed that One coming after me Christ Jesus shall baptize you in Holy Spirit? The answer is simple. John worked for Adam as His Priest and that is why He recognised Christ Jesus as the Second Anointed Adam who went to John to be baptised. John stressed that He is not even worthy of touching your shoe laces never mind baptising you. But he was told to go ahead to stress the significance of his baptism in which you become the son of your tribal father as in the case of Jesus, the Holy Spirit proclaimed that He is the Begotten Son of God and not of Abraham or any other tribe. So, John's baptism in water that constitutes 90 per cent of our body was in the name of Abraham. This he stressed by proclaiming to the Temple Priests who were making people Jews of flesh or outwardly of the rituals, Don't you say that we have Abraham as our forefather, I can turn Stones, simple minded or Goyeshi Kopa type people and not the clever hypocrites like them, the sons of Abraham. So, John's Baptism was in the name of Abraham and St.Stephen was killed for stressing the Noble qualities of Abraham as they wanted to make Jews only of many tribes to increase their income and status. In Jesus, we glorify our Father and not ourselves, just the opposite of what the Temple Priests were doing and the Messianic Jews followed their satanic footsteps by making Christians of the dead Book and not the solitary christ of spirit.: Sensible people in Christ Jesus should enjoy Fellowships.

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