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Fireball sighted from Paisley, Scotland. UFO?

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  • uploaded: May 26, 2008
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when first spotted there was a big white circle in the sky,It looked like a plane exploding but after viewing it through binoculars it was a huge fireball which was slowly moving north, It changed form sometimes looking like a stationary ring of fire and then a big piece broke off and burned out over

about 25 seconds.The main piece stayed as a ring of fire for about 8-10 minutes before reaching the horizon and going out of sight. Ironically the dome building you can see is the Paisley Coats Observatory!

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  • Tiger1922#

    Tiger1922 November 9, 2008 4:20:08 AM CET

    I live in Paisley. Came across this video by chance. I have a story. My friend told me this. He was seeing a girl when he 16 years old. It was new years night, the girl was round for a party at his house, Hogmany as it\'s known in Scotland. She was told by her mother to be home for mid-night (12, to see in the bells!), at 11.45pm they left promptly to walk the 5 min walk back to the girls house/ Half way home they saw a strange light in the sky, dancing and colourful, they presumed it was a near by out-door disco. When they got back to the girls house, the girl was given in to trouble for being so late. They, without realizing it, had been watching the lights for at least 30 mins. They split up. Years ago my friend was working in a building sight, he would take his boots off at lunch to enter the bothy, the boots would always go on old newspaper from the shop next door. One day he noticed that paper was an old Paisley Daily Express, the page read \"UFO Spotted in Paisley\" it was years old, the people in the shop couldn\'t explain. Apparently there were many sightings on the same evening. He subsequently called the girl to explain what they had saw. They subsequently went back out, got married and their first child born was on the 1st of Jan. Coincidence? Their second childs birthday is the 2nd of Jan. This is all true. The girl is my sister!

  • Amadeo#

    Amadeo May 27, 2008 1:33:17 AM CEST

    Great video.

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