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Martin Heidegger - On the Essense of Truth (14 pp) @

New found discoveries unintelligible by previous limitations of technology and scientific method should not be seen as attacks against our sciences, but rather a need to expand our hypotheses of the sciences to account for their place in the bigger picture.

Science at its heart is concerned with finding the truth of what is -- which by its own virtue attempts to leap over our constantly developing subjective hypotheses of the world around us -- calling our discoveries the actual true objective states. In this process, science is forced to take on the appearance that its method is conscious to all the possible phenomena, even those beyond the current potential of our microscopes, methods and exposure of the universes beyond our grasp. When science claims what is the actual objective state of the infinite, science is no longer understood as just a hypothesis created by the knowledge that presupposes the design of its own system. A system that is created by and limited to the current lens and methods of science at the time and is also considered the guidelines for proving what is possible or true. When science is used to claim things as the ultimate possibility of the objective, it conceals the new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries outside of its own limitations and sometimes goes as far as discrediting its possibility prior to investigating the biggest breakthrough's of this century. What a method reveals is important, but what is concealed by our scientific limitations should always be kept in mind when attempting to define the ultimate possible truth of the world around us. History has shown us that time and time again, new discoveries unthought-of by previous principles of science, have created the need for new hypotheses and expansions of scientific methods to account for what our old technology and scientific hypotheses couldn't.

I'd like to clarify however that these tendencies are usually found at a certain level of scientific development which typically includes professors at educating level. They end up limiting their concern with discoveries only existing within the current hypotheses of science -- which claim to reveal everything as objective. This dismisses new verifiable discoveries which require expansions to our current theories, as impossible, or pseudo science. The professors can even feel as if they need not even test out these new discoveries for the sheer fact that their minds potential for conceptualizing what's possible is still limited to the subjective hypotheses based on our current lenses and methods. New ideas that may seem completely alien to a current approach indeed may become the standard of tomorrow.

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