Russian Bishop and Priest Crooks of the first degr

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Russian Bishop and Priest Crooks of the first degree living on widow's mite. Russia has a first degree of Gospel News but today, they have put on fanciful dresses like those Temple Priests from the yoke of which our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus set us FREE. These Russians Bishops with expensive and impressive robes have attracted the simpletons like the temple's widow's mite type devotee in the name of Christ Jesus. There service was quite impressive and informative but the hypocrite Bishops and Priests have no idea what the hell they are doing. For example, they had two sets of Candles; one set had two and the other three. I asked them why two and three Candles and they told me the three are related to trinity and two to the Two natures of Christ Jesus; divine and human. I told them that it was wrong. They are related to the Parable in a house there are Five; two against three and three against two. They do not want to know such things.

So, we are asked to leave their Conference as we are extremists. So, we did leave the

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