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What If we do make Contact with Aliens?

National Geographic Channel: Alien Contact

Many scientists believe we are on the verge of contacting alien life-forms. Join the search for extraterrestrials and hear from those convinced that life exists beyond our planet. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @

Is there anybody out there?-

Are We Alone? Life Across the Universe-

CNN: Galaxy May be Full of 'Earths,' Alien life -

NASA's Kepler: A Search for Habitable Planets-

Aliens Are out There (The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life) RS Conference 25/1/2010-

The Discovery of Alien Life: Is the Human Race Prepared?-

What Would Happen If We Found Alien Life?-

Man 'Must Prepare to Meet Alien Life Forms' (25/1/2010) -

UFO Report Live Website-

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