Russian Bishops: White washed Cups full of filth w

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Russian Bishops: White washed Cups full of filth worse than those Temple Priests from the Yoke of which Christ Jesus set us FREE - 2. I and my Brother Ghislain Ama went to the Annual Russian Conference and saw how these Russian Bishops, the white washed cups full of Filth have entrapped the simpletons as the Temple Priests with the silken robes did during the times of Christ Jesus whereas the sensible Jews of heart who knew them to be hypocrites and crooks shunned them and went for the shabbily dressed John, the Baptist who baptised them in the name of Abraham. Such simple facts are unknown to these crook Bishops who thrive upon widow's mite. No bloody conscience. Russia was living in Peace when these hypocrites were locked behind the bars and now set free, they are causing sectarian riots. Any one who is interested in my views should get in touch with me please. Let us fish the sensible people from Russia and other similar states from these Arid souls, the crook who have made their homes among these simpletons, the widow's mite. Gospel is damn simple if you can think logically.

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