FBI At Protesters House Asking Strange Questions

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jun 12, 2010
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BI shows up and asks a TX mother of 5, also a part time nurse, basically if she or anyone she knows is going to commit any terrorist acts.


Because she was seen at a pro-Palestine rally! WTF!

I guess all those pro-israel people who show up to pro-Palestine rallies who shout things like "we know who you are" "all of you are being documented" "we will ruin your work and social lives" were actually finding out who these people were and ratting on them to the FBI saying they were terrorists!


This goes to show you it's NORMAL, WORLD citizens who have had enough of israel, and no longer see WWII and a book written by them as a reason to occupy Palestine.

ESPECIALLY the new/next generation.

Their time is up, and they are getting desperate.

And it's starting to show.

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