Scary Video: Ghost playing a Piano

  • Uploaded by Mousemy on May 30, 2008
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From original source on Metacafe:

I thought my wife was playing piano and so I sneaked into the living room with our new video camera to surprise her. It turns out she was in the bathroom. I don't know... More» what type of being was in my apartment at my piano and it barely came out visible on video, but it scared the hell out of me. At times it looked kind of like a purple-ish woman dressed in 1920's style but it kept going between black and purple translucent amorphousness as well. I can't really describe it. But when I said "Hello" it turned and looked right at me and then shot at me like a bullet as it dematerialized. I closed my eyes and accidentally turned the camera off but you can see the papers fly off the piano. We recently got the piano on Craigslist and I don't really know its history, but it is old.

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