How Did UFO Secrecy Begin Part 6 of 6

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How did UFO Secrecy begin - And Why?!
Rare documentary by Yin Gazda. Rare interviews with Lt. Col. Ret. US Airforce, UFO-investigator; Wendelle Stevens, USarmy Capt. Ret. Major, UFO-investigator; Virgil Armstrong, Airline Pilot, Captain, UFO-investigator; John Lear, Prof. UFO-investigator; J. Allen Hynek, Police Sgt. Ret. Quest International; Anthony Dodd, AirForce Major Ret. UFO-researcher; Hans Petersen, Former Astronaut and Physicist; Dr. Brian O'Leary, Physicist; Bob Lazar, Space scientist, NASA headquarter; prof. Jesco Von Puttkamer, Scientist Zero-propulsion specialist.; Thomas E. Bearden, Cosmologist; Burghard Heim, Astrophysicist, author. Johannes Von Buttlar. Biologist; Prof. Rupert Shelldrake.
The Flying saucers have been seen for thousands of years and many events have been written down on papers and shown on paintings and even clay tables.
But since early 1942, after the detonation of the first nuclear bomb, numerous sightings of flying saucers have been detected all over the planet. It was as if someone had cried out all over the universe:
My God, the kids have found the matches, lets keep an eye on them!
But mostly in the area around New Mexico where the bases With all the new technology, such as atomic bombs, radar technology and rocket engines test facilities, were placed.
It was probably an experimental radar beam that caused a flying saucer to crash in the area of Roswell 1947.
The military has mislead the public almost from the beginning! The only question still important is how
Much involvement other power structures have on the secrecy . How many departments like CIA, NSA, NRO, NASA, NSC, etc. etc. have been created with the purpose of keeping the truth under wrap.
Why keeping it secret that there has been Contact!
- its the most significant event in mankinds history!! - Can it be that it has something to do with propulsion?! and free energy ?!

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