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Mars Phoenix Lander - Object #2 Comparison

Comparison of images 'SOL1 282230801' and 'lg_527.jpg - stereo mosaic,' depicting the same anomalous object at different times of the Martian Day.

The pictures were taken by the Mars Phoenix Lander on May 26, 2008. The first (on the right) was taken earlier in the Martian day, and the second (on the left) was taken later in the same day by the Phoenix's stereoscopic camera.

Confirmation of this object in the two different pictures leads one to believe that the object is certainly not a 'Dust Devil' or weather phenomenon, but a real object.

It is unclear what this object is, although it might be a piece of the lander jettisoned before impacting the ground (parachute, backshell, heatshield, array).

The two original images may be found here on the U of A website:


I encourage you to INVESTIGATE, MANIPULATE, and OBSERVE. Download the image and check it out, and judge for yourself!

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