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New Report: Planet X / Nibiru SPT Disclosures

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  • uploaded: May 31, 2008
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Note, the NibiruShock2012 (on YouTube) account was closed by the impostor but copies of the first two videos were re-posted by another user. They match with what was posted before.

This summary video discusses the events surrounding two very short-lived YouTube disclosure videos. Both revealed images of Planet X that were sourced to the South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica.

Since our last major South Pole Telescope disclosure analysis article in April titled, First Two Planet X SPT Leaked Image Videos by NibiruShock2012 Now Seen as Highly Credible the following three trends can be noticed:

* Frequency and number of disclosures.
* More heavy-handed disinformation attacks.
* Whistle blowers are falling on their swords.

As the frequency and pace of disclosures increases, the disinformation attacks are becoming more heavy-handed. Back in March of this year, the disinformation was being played with the sophistication of a championship chess match, and the moves were played with finesse. However, this month this chess game has evolved into a bizarre Internet version of Whack 'em All.

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  • 3starmark#

    3starmark May 31, 2008 2:00:52 PM CEST

    Verry Interesting subject Grey, But who started this Nibiru thing?Dr. Zechariah Sitchin: Sumerian Knowledge, Origins of Humankind, The 12th Planet, 'Those who from Heaven came..Jes the Dockter gave us a book of the Sumerian history, but did u know,...That he is a member of the Illuminati, he visited the Vaticaan before his book was writen!? Is it real?Illuminati Whistleblower Leo Zagami knows more about this ;)

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