Stonehenge Road Trip Choppers

  • Uploaded by Gridkeeper on Jun 15, 2010
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Stonehenge Road Trip Choppers Went to Stonehenge and yet more choppers turned up. Edited some of them out as they're starting to bore me a bit. The first chopper in this is a gazelle then we see the number 45 navy squirrel chopper which appeares in many of my other videos including the london choppers video.An army Lynx and then the dark blue number 45 chopper again as it comes over the car when we stop to see what it does next. At the end we see an apache, the apache was a weird one as it drop out of the clouds when we stopped at a junction and hovered low over the car. When I got my camera out and pointed it out of the window it hid behind the trees. The yellow and blue one is also the same chopper which I filmed in a crop circle last year and can be seen in this video: Film and audio by London choppers video: And also in this crop circle video from 2009 Crop Circle Chopper Military/Police Squirrel? UK July 2009


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