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Apollo 11â??s TV Camera â?? the FIBER OPTIC LIE!

  • Uploaded by Cosmonaut on Jun 1, 2008
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Apollo 11â??s TV Camera â?? the FIBER OPTIC LIE!

â?? look at some of the DIGITAL obfuscation and manipulation techniques applied to ALL the NASA public archive lunar imagery in order to hide, distort, replace or remove the truth from the scene. This includes (but is not limited to) frame-size manipulation; fiduciary overlays; frame stretching and perspective alteration; sun-angle and azimuth falsification; airbrushing; fake sun positive/negative overlay blending; fake spacecraft and astronaut masking; shadow â??flippingâ?; image â??flatteningâ? and â??normalizationâ?; partially-transparent templating; base-mapping and the use of 3-D computer-generated imagery and holography.â? â?? LunaCognita


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