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A whistleblower nicknamed "Victor Martinez", that claims to be a former US government employee, with contacts inside the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), alleges that on Nov. 12, 2009, occured a secret meeting between extraterrestrial entities and U.S. plus international representatives in the remote Akau Island, part of the Johnston Atoll, an U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean 750 miles south west of Honolulu. Martinez also has been exposing details of a supposed exchange program of US military and aliens, named SERPO. I don't know if this guy is saying the truth, about the meeting or about the program, but definitely there's SOMETHING in this atoll. Some areas were tampered on Google Earth, but are still visable large underwater structures, around Johnston Island, pretty symmetrical to be coral reef. Could be alien facilities??


16°43'43.36''N, 169°32'05.80''W

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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u June 23, 2010 9:00:23 PM CEST

    If you ask me, Serpo is a very well orchestrated attempt to mix the powerful AMERICAN science fiction movie industry with some real information, they alway do by the way, making it to a modern kind of Greek Homerus story, perfect to create the background for a new religion. So, what is fact and fiction in this SERPO Project? The mentioning of the Greys is in fact the only real information. They are real. Important is also to note that EBE is also a well known Rune sign, a beautyfull ancient language of the Celtic culture. The Greys are a very dangerous group of artificial created biological robots, that can perfectly handle information systems and can immitate any logical system, scientific as well as religious systems. But they have no real feelings nor have they the ability to understand love our compassion. They prove this in this videofootage by saying that they consider animals and other alien species as creatures with no soul. They really mean that animals have no verbal rational think processes. Because the Greys have only one hemisphere, only the rational brain, they consider any living being, with no apparent rationality as having no soul. For the Greys, the soul is the rational ability to create artificial think models, paradigms and what have you. So it is not hard to understand that there rational mind can be transposed to an new body. There brains are designed in a way that they could be programmed, upgraded if necessary and that the information of the one robot would not get lost when these robots die. Because they are biological and aldow they live some 400 years, they eventually die. Especially important to understand is that the information they gather from experience can be transferred into the new body. A lot of how the Greys are created, can be found in the book on thealiencode.net free of charge. The Greys where created by the Tèry, a civilizations located in the direction of ORION, some 10.000 light years distance. The precise location can be found in the book mentioned above with a help of a starmap, left behind by the Ancients. This 3D starmap is NOT hidden. Everybody knows this map and is easy to understand. Just read the book. To close this comment, I want to stress that the Greys are not normal evolved beings. They are artificial created. They are not evolved as we humans are. In a few hundred of years, we humans will probably be able to make these kind of biological robots. The first artificial cell is born some months ago so, it is just a matter of time before we humans will be able to make our own Greys if you will. They are perfect to work in space, which was also there function when the Téry created them, some 2000 years ago, to help them to build a artificial stargate system to travel 10.000 light years in only one our two ear year. But over time, the Greys developed a sense of individuality within the group they belong. This was a danger there makers haddnt foreseen when they created the Grey. On this moment, the Greys are the aliens that have infiltrated the most powerful country's of he world. These country's where interested in the Grey's technology for there own benefits but they have made a very big mistake by doing so. The greys intention is to adjust the earth to there own existence. The want our world to be logged into there matrix of control. It is important that those involved in the communication with these creatures know this. The Greys think in long therm periods, and there strategy is as complicated as a 3D chessboard. Intellectually, we are no match for them. But we humans are creative, artistic, sensible. We are not alone genetically designed emotional creatures, like some hardcore materialistics in our scientific community wants us to believe. Humans have intellectual, esthetic, ethical and religious feelings, we care for one another, some of us even give there life for the good of others if necessary, and our soul can't be transformed via artificial means like the greys can. Humans have everything to loose if we make a deal with the Greys. Nevertheless, the Greys are still the property of the Téry and they can handle them. The real problem is that the Greys gave some of the technology of the Téry in the hands of some humans. With the words of president Eisenhower I can only say, this technoloy is not in the best of hands. So for all those following the SERPO story, you are warned. Follow the new releases carefully, but put it in the perspective of the alien code, and soon, you will make sense of this professional orchestrated pseudo disclosure, only in the benefit of some powerful movie makers in Hollywood and those groups who prevent the real disclosure to become reality for more than 60 years now.

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