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Creatures/Rods From The 4th Dimension Part 1 of 5


i haven't heard about this until i started typing in words into youtube to search for any info about ET/UFO etc and came along this interesting phenomena that dates back to 1800's! These "creatures" or "rods" as they call them, are high speed look to be organic with a sort of wavy wing membrane on each side of the cylindrical object, if these vids have been posted before then i apologize, either way this seems that this should very important our community on disclose.tv please leave comments/feedback, only leave mature educated responses thanks

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  • Londonkev#

    Londonkev January 5, 2010 3:36:33 AM CET

    Insects I would wager.

  • Boondox681#

    Boondox681 May 2, 2009 8:29:46 PM CEST

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  • Boondox681#

    Boondox681 May 2, 2009 8:27:02 PM CEST

  • Sankanyu#

    Sankanyu December 9, 2008 4:42:13 PM CET

    smells like alien probes to me

  • Sim0b#

    Sim0b June 10, 2008 4:56:44 AM CEST

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