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John Pilger - Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creat


  • Thesaint#

    Thesaint June 26, 2010 2:16:30 PM CEST

    I did (and do) but I think his Kennedy theory may have been ill advised, not that he wasn't killed by his own but by the method. Common sense would tell me that killing a man in the manner Cooper alleged would be the last way of doing it (from inside the car) with so many other obvious choices. LBJ though is were my money is at, especially after reading and seeing the latest evidence put forward. I feel that all the other Cooper stuff holds more water. G.L. watch the Pilger stuff. Here is a genuine well paid individual who turned his back on the usual trappings because of his loyalty to true reporting. He's one of my heroes as he knows and says that there is hardly any true reporting any more, the man deserves a medal putting himself out there like that knowing that he is in danger. I urge everyone to go to his video site. They are all free and nearly all are NEVER seen in the mainstream because of there controversial nature. http://www.sprword.com/mustwatch.htmlPlease pass it on and let me know what you think.

  • Gloomylunatic#

    Gloomylunatic June 26, 2010 4:13:40 AM CEST

    wow i hope you like william cooper!

  • Thesaint#

    Thesaint June 26, 2010 3:44:04 AM CEST

    John Pilger Rocks, here is his site and also his documentary recommends (FREE) http://www.sprword.com/mustwatch.htmlandhttp://www.sprword.com/Enjoy (and send some sites of similar interests back please. thank you)

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