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Kennedy Assassination by Robert Morningstar


  • Losciacallo#

    Losciacallo June 2, 2011 4:43:49 AM CEST

    Although I've never bought the lie about Oswald's involvement, I've always wondered what the significance of Tippet's murder really was. They never miss a chance to mention this murder, but I thought it might be because they needed to make Oswald seem desperate. It never occurred to me that they needed a substitute body for the autopsy to demonstrate the false head wounds, contrary even to what's seen in the Zapruder film. I HAD heard that the head wounds shown in the autopsy photos were of Officer Tippet, but I still never connected the dots to it being the whole purpose behind his murder. Very interesting, it explains something that has bothered me for many years.

  • Buddickman#

    Buddickman February 8, 2011 5:02:01 AM CET

    Jesus, speaking of a REAL MORON ...

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