Ayahuasca ~ The Snake And I Pt.2/6

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Ayahuasca ~ The Snake and I
Written and directed by Armand Bernardi, and narrated in English with English subtitles.

The film centers on Jacques Mabit and Takiwasi, his Center for the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and the Research of Traditional Medicines, located in Tarapoto. Takiwasi claims remarkable success in the treatment of addiction. It describes its treatment method as "innovative, unique in its field. It is characterized by a combination of psychological therapy and conventional medicine with the traditional medicine of the Amazon."

The Takiwasi healing model is described as a tripod — physical detoxification through purgative plants, baths with plants, saunas, massages, physical exercises, and a special diet; psychic detoxification through the opening up of hidden emotions such as sorrows, sadness, family resentments, and inappropriate lifestyle; and family, work, and social reinstatement through a program of furloughs to regain contact with family and especially with outside jobs. The typical stay is nine to twelve months."

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