footage white sheet hill wiltshire 25th june 2010

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footage crop circle White Sheet Hill, Nr Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 25th June.

This Crop Formation is Truly amazing...

With the Moon in one hand and the Sun in the other visiting the White Sheet Hill Crop Circle this morning was a magical experience (Saturday 26th June 2010).

Everything was good about this formation. The formation can be seen from the Hill top which is close to the chalk road.

Accessing the formation however is a different matter. It is a Very steep hill.
The panoramic is stunning.

We were amongst the very first to arrive and once again the formation was conveniently on our doorstep.

Somebody has carved a path against the tram-lines to access the formation
which can be seen from the Hill top but apart from that this formation is pure Magic with almost zero damage.

We watched two bright balls of light pass over. One at Westbury and the other at White Sheet Hill.
We are unsure what these were? - Bit of a coincidence... Both lights appeared upon arrival at both locations.

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