Planet X on the Microsoft World Wide Telescope?

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jun 7, 2008
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I found this object with the World Wide Telescope. It is in the Orion Constellation. The Pictures are unenhanced in any way or otherwise manipulated. The X formation within the
red object appears striking to me (as an artist). Sure, it might be a nebula or anything else, but until then let us examine it.

Note! This object is NOT inside the blacked out area in Google Sky but at least the double length above this rectangular area.

Note2! The Snapit program plus the videoprogram together, makes the images lighter and fainter. When viewed in the telescope, the x and other features are more distinct. For best view, go to the telescope.

Find the details in the video.

Music by Nathalie Bell (New York) "John Glenn's first UFO-Ride"

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