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Secret video leaked: We have been to Mars

  • Harlekin
  • uploaded: Jun 30, 2010
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  • Pitbulterrorist#

    Pitbulterrorist July 30, 2010 12:58:19 AM CEST

    realy well made must have took a lot of computer time to make this video. any other person would find it real but to us serious scouts it's just another bullshit video as allways

  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz July 7, 2010 1:02:37 AM CEST


  • Hader#

    Hader July 6, 2010 6:54:52 PM CEST

    Looks like a footage from the IIS through one of it's "windows". The "still" images of Mars are also real. Some xxxx after effects with some deliberate shaking effects and volia. (No CGI involved here)

  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad July 6, 2010 3:04:30 AM CEST

    An Amazing fake!

  • Makeitso1#

    Makeitso1 July 5, 2010 11:54:38 PM CEST

    It's definitely a fake I'm afraid, and not some double bluff like some of you are thinking. Check this picture out taken from the International Space Station http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/station/crew-3/html/iss003e68... Look familiar?Also the following link:http://souriezcestpourlaradio.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/labyrinthe-de-la-nuit/Why these guys feel the need to create these fakes is beyond me! I mean what are they trying to prove? That this guy is absolutely brilliant at CGI in undeniable, but unfortunately lots of losers take these brilliant fakes, crop them just enough to lose the watermarks and credits and pass them off as real on serious forums like this!These guys have taken 'Cry Wolf' to another level! We've reached the stage that even if a real video of Aliens landing in the middle of a football field while a match was playing, we wouldn't believe it! I don't think we would even believe our own eyes any more! We would say that it was some sort of holographic projection or something! I think the hoaxers and the disinformationists have won. We finally don't trust anyone or anything including ourselves!

  • Rudeboi#

    Rudeboi July 5, 2010 2:37:03 AM CEST

    this guy does really good work but it's fake. Not that we haven't been to Mars, I believe we have just not in this video.

  • Xkbd2#

    Xkbd2 July 5, 2010 12:55:27 AM CEST

    Is there a single, and I mean, just one, video on this entire site that is not fake/bs?

  • Brawk#

    Brawk July 4, 2010 8:47:10 PM CEST

    he does indeed and has enough integrity to say so, not like the fool who posted this with the attention grabbing headline.

  • Brawk#

    Brawk July 4, 2010 8:45:44 PM CEST

    You should be ashamed of yourself for titling this as you did. Many people take this type of investigation seriously, yet you would undermine all of that with your cheap sensationalism. The good news is people have become aware enough of scammers like you to not be taken anymore. Shame on you!

  • Tamsmstam#

    Tamsmstam July 4, 2010 1:44:53 AM CEST

    CGI --IT's a FAKE!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUHmd26rPKs

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