CIGAR UFO captured on video in Sweden

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jun 9, 2008
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Just released after no conclusion could be made.

The video you are about to see is said to originally been shot in southern Sweden by a German tourist visiting the outback in June 2007.

The observer remains anonymous but has given the details through a local investigation...

He was out photographing birds when something scared them all away over a vast area.

He then heard a strange noise coming from the woods to the west.

At first he thought it was a distant helicopter, but the sound was different...

It repeatedly stopped and after a second or so continued again and it had a certain eerie pitch to it. A wind brought with it a faint smell of ozone and he started to get curious as to what it could be.

He apparently ran towards it and spotted a weird cylindrical shiny object hovering above the trees some distance away.

He quickly took his camera a Canon PowerShot A460 and aimed it up.

The camera was almost out of battery but he managed to capture two short video clips of the object thus capturing its strange sound.

Then he tried to take some photos but the battery was completely dead from him using it all day.

The object slowly flew on over the forest till he could no longer see nor hear it.

There were other reports that day of a similar object and of weird sounds scaring animals on farms.

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