The Giza Power Plant:Ancient Egyptian Technology 4

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Christopher Dunn has an extensive background as a master craftsman, starting as a journeyman lathe turner in his hometown of Manchester, England. Recruited by an American aerospace company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. The
author's pyramid odyssey began in 1977 when he read Peter Tompkins book SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMID. His immediate reaction to the Giza Pyramid's schematics was that this edifice was a gigantic machine. Discovering the purpose of this machine and documenting his case has taken the better part of twenty years of research. In 1998, he published the groundbreaking book THE GIZA POWER PLANT, which proposed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually a large acoustical device that produced energy. Here he presents the amazing evidence supporting his theory. Lots of computer graphics and technical drawings. The foundation for the now wide-spread theory that the Great Pyramid was a gigantic machine built over 10,000 years ago. Filmed at the Sedona Conference in November, 2004.

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