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Orion-Ascended Masters Coming!


  • Earthangel2012#

    Earthangel2012 July 16, 2010 2:10:01 PM CEST

    awesome post

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u July 16, 2010 12:37:21 PM CEST

    Are the people of the starwarsmovies looking for a new scenaro or what? Trying to understand the meaning of alien contact in the past and present is a serious task, only for real Ufologists. But it can only work when both party's, namely the humans and the aliens are sitting together at the same table, and can talk openly about there mutual interests. All the rest is superstition or worse: propaganda for those, initiated in the alien reality and who want to create a negative image of those who came some six thousand years ago to Earth to help us to recreate a new start of culture after six thousand years of rising sealevels after the last ice age. As far as I know, the ancients came from the direction of orion, not from orion itself. In the Cheops pyramide, a starmap was build, that can helpe to locate the starsystem where they actually live. They are very friendly people. They are here alreaddy. The biggest problem we humans have to face is that there exists a worldwide organisation. When this organisation was founded the leaders made a deal with the Greys, in exchange for technology during the after war period. The greys where crated some 2000 years ago by the ancestors of those who are here now. These Greys are artificially created cloneble robots. During there 2000 year existence, the Greys evolved and became an independed functioning colony. They revolted against there makers beginning 20th century and are very rational and dangerous. The Greys are very afraid that there makers will regain control over them. Therefore, it is very important to spread lies about the real intentions of there makers. To create a image of the ancients as being super control freaks, with the intent to enslave humanity etc... But they are non of that. They are very ethical people, and the last thing on there mind is to control us in any way. On the contrary, it are the greys who want to conquer the world. And what is worse, they get the help of this wold wide secret organisation, that made a deal with them for the benifit of there own power games. Because world domination is the name of the game these days. Can you imagine that they prefer to make a deal with BIOLOGICAL ROBOTS than to be open for the help of the decendants of the ancients who are real people? There is not such a thing as the Galactic Federation. It is just a part of an attempt to create a new kind of mythology. A mix of parts of different religions. Those who have studied comparative religion sciences know that this technique of assembling new religions, based on parts of the old ones is as old as humanity itself. So nothing new. But don't be agraid. The makers of the Greys are very powerfull and the Greys will lose the battle. I can only say, stay away from the greys, get them out of your system. They can't be trusted. For them reality is just a virtual game. And an advise for the human controlfreaks, change your opinion before it is to late. Cut of there foodsuppy. Because when they see they lose the game, and they will, they will collectively selfdestruct there powergrid, taking with them all who are linked to there matrix of control. Read the alien code for free on" title="" rel="external nofollow"> and find out how to connect the real dots and not how to make a cocktail that results in a serious headeage.

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