Dog-Collared Priests ordained by men create riots

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Dog-Collared Priests ordained by men create riots whilst Ordained by God Peace - 5. Sectarian riots are caused by sweet spoken Dog-Collared Antichrists. Falsehoods lead to Sectarian riots; Gospel Truth to everlasting Peace. Sectarian riots in Ireland are the creation of the dirty British who ruled overseas. In India, these British gaven financial support to those who exploited people in the name of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc and created divide and rule policy, which was dirty and unrighteous.

What is righteous is of Christ Jesus what is unjust is of the Antichrist sons of Satan, bastards worse than those born of the prostitutes. That is why you find satanic fighting in the name of religion that were not found when Russia kept the lid over these robed Priests of Antichrist. In Jesus, it is the quality of speech that counts and not those silken robes of Satan.
In Churches, the Mammon worshipping Dog-Collared Clerics cannot proclaim the basic Truth that a Jew is inwardly or spiritual self and not outwardly, the tribal self. Jew is a religious community and not a tribe that have countries. Not a single Jew, Sikh, Hindu, etc died during the holocausts or riots.

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