Stupid ordinations by men for the praises and wors

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Stupid ordinations by men for the praises and worship of Mammon and riots. - 6.
Women Bishops
Yesterday, 17 July, 10, I went to the Second Church of Scientists to watch the ordination of men and women Interfaith Priests and most of them were women. They had two years course and that was their product in Letters with no touch of spirit. None of them knew the difference between teaching of Letters or Scriptures in the Universities and the Preaching of Gospel like a Sower. The Letters every one can learn or memorise but the Gospel is by grace of our Father to the twice born living in spirit. Letter killeth spirit giveth life is a well known Saying that emphasises the importance of spirit in understanding both the Scriptures and the Gospel. The roots of Scriptures or the written Torah rest in Gospel or Oral Torah. Teaching of the Scriptures being to the children not yet of age is restricted to men only as their surnames or the tribal identity is fixed and does not change even after marriage whereas those of the women change on marriage or not fixed. So, teaching of the Scriptures is a responsible job as to misleading children or in the case of any fleecing, the person could be held responsible. For this reason, in the Middle East, the responsibility to teach the Moral Laws is assigned to the people of Levi Tribe and those Levi who take to this Profession are addressed as Cohen. In India, the job of Brahmin (Cohen) is assigned to many tribes. Thus, Brahmin or Cohen is not a tribe but profession and people should not use it as their family surnames.
In the light of the above moral laws teaching restrictions, only men are allowed to enter the Profession of Cohen or Brahmin and this St.(Christ) Paul stressed that a woman cannot teach moral laws to children that is called Milk but she could preach Gospel, feed Meat, to people of age and of all sexes and tribes. The relationship between the Scriptures and Gospel is best stated in an equation Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense that children do not possess and it is by the grace of our Father) = Gospel of our Father or His Word. That is why our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus said that as the Rabbis have become corrupt, please use common sense, holy spirit, as your guidelines for studying the Holy Books and leading your daily life such as if your animal falls into a pit on Sabbath, take him out and use Sabbath to perform Philanthropic works in which you do not charge in the name of God otherwise our Father would not pay you in Gospel Truth that rests in your heart and not the head where Letters or Book knowledge rests. That is why Gospel is written not in ink on paper but over the living Tablet of your heart. Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person belonged to the Royal Kingdom of God as for him, the moral laws were written over his heart. That is also the reason why John, the Baptist did not baptise a Gentile but the sensible Jewish men of age only. I can preach Gospel face to face when you can ask me questions to your heart's content but very Few are interested in Gospel but they are happy and feel comfortable dead in Letters. In such antichrist practices where they get away by saying that Christ Paul was out of place in today's society, they become the Blind guides of the blind leading them to the sectarian riots. For Peace of Christ Jesus, you need the Gospel Truth and not the dead Letters. Hardly any one knows the product of these Dog-Collared Priests working for Mammon Antichrists how many Jews died during the Holocausts when Christ Paul said, A Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly. In some countries, it is a crime to speak the Gospel Truth that a Jew being the spiritual self is never born and never died but the tribal selves are born and die. Do you know the number of Jews who died during the holocausts or the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, etc during the riots? In these robed Antichrists, the legacy of the Temple Arid souls, the Saying of Jesus, Matt.12.v43-45 is fulfilled. MANY ARE CALLED, A VERY FEW ARE CHOSEN.

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