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Nordic Alien Signals Intelligence Interceptions!

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: Jul 21, 2010
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Nordic Alien Actvity & US Signals Intelligence Interception Of Them In The 1970s

A veteran of a special forces UFO unit (D & R) recalls to Linda Moulton Howe, he was dispatched to UFO actvity related to Nordic ET's due to a dam breaking in AZ. Note Whitley's comments on government perception of UFOs. I have over 30 years of strange encounters and can tell you that Nordic types remain elusive and mysterious in their actvities, the theme of them is "humanity must learn to live together". Thank you to Whitley Strieber for his permission.

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  • Discufo11#

    Discufo11 October 6, 2011 3:15:00 AM CEST

    Speculation: The Nordic know of the Gray's and they are much revered apparently everywhere since they claim that the Gray's solve most problems here in this galaxy for other races according to them.They have blond and sometimes white hair...

  • Discufo11#

    Discufo11 October 6, 2011 1:32:57 AM CEST

    Specualtion: The notric are difficult and do not want anyone to learn their very fast language....Their exist, at least more than 40 minutes of tape, not theone with the high forebrow but the other one, can speak English well and has been interviewed, apprently, in the 1970's, interested in WW II matters and alleged missing kin... and personnel effects...and details of their demise...also, answered some general questions concerning this planet and their travel too and from planets... Including navigtion issues and food issues and development issues and other....

  • Discufo11#

    Discufo11 October 6, 2011 1:25:17 AM CEST

    Speculaton: Nortic have had contact since WW II with Germany and pre war germany. Contact appears to be rare due in part to alleged attrocities.. Theme is appropiate...Nortic apper to keep to themselves and do explain pre-civilization in their area's and more, last seen about three years ago...They have mutual concerns and thru respect and consideration have accomplished many things..

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