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9-11 Explosives Set in World Trade Center Anthony

  • Uploaded by Rcoones on Jul 22, 2010
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Clip taken from “Thieves In The Temple” which has “911 Lies” a speech by Anthony J Hilder.


“After watching Anthony J Hilder dissect the Bush gangs “spin story” of 911 you'll never again “buy” their BIG LIE. Hilder exposes the crime and the cover up conducted by the Cashist cartel that controls America's currency and commerce through the Federal Reserve. He unravels the diatribe of disinformation that their “managed media” shovels down our throats on the nightly network news...to keep us numb, dumb and disoriented. Hilder and Eggellection reveal the real monsters that hide behind the mask of the American Illuminati”
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