Gross Police Violation of 4th Amendment Pt. 3

A short synapse.

Shots fired at a home. Citizen target practicing at home. Officers arrive and citizen comes forward with no problems.

Then comes the SEIZURE of the gun he was target practicing with.

Then comes the unwarranted entry into the home.

Then comes the unwarranted entry into the gun safe.

Then comes the officers stating they want a gun just like this.

Then comes the officers, sergeant, detectives discussing the exigent circumstances they are going to have to FABRICATE to make the entries legal.

Then comes the officers fabricating more crap to come up with some type of charges to create a seizure of the guns necessary.

This ABSOLUTELY proves the systemic corruption of ALL police officers and their techniques to DESTROY our rights as sovereign individuals.

Get ready to get PISSED OFF!

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