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i want a chocolate bath - kid's @sunrise offgrid

  • Uploaded by Viziondanz on Jul 26, 2010
  • Hits: 174 next festi aug 19 - 22 2020 - A hilarious and revealing conversation with some children @ sunrise offgrid 2009 - - Come and learn, play, relax and be inspired to live more fully in a world in transition.
Off-Grid is a totally participatory, family-focused gathering bringing you a practical exploration of community living, sustainable practices and revolutionary ideas

It's a place for community activists, transition-towners, green families, holistic practitioners, permaculturalists and anyone who wants to live a little more in tune with the planet. It's a place to gather ourselves and network with each other; to share our knowledge, skills and wisdom.

A place to learn, expand, explore and breathe a little deeper. All over a pint of organic cider with some fantastic music too.

Take a look at what's planned for Sunrise Off Grid 2010 under the '2010 Program' menu.

There is no audience. Bring with you what you expect to find and leave no trace behind!

Tickets: Advance - Adults £55 unwaged, £75 waged / Kids £20 Info: 0845 009 4463

and visit our facebook page:

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