RR The Antichrist Dajjal Reptilian Shapeshifter 13

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RR The Antichrist Dajjal Reptilian Shapeshifter Part 13


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Interdimensional Reptilians Reside Outside Of Our Physical Plane Or Dimension. They Are Composed Of Matter Which Vibrates At A Frequency Which Is Out Of Synch With The World Our Senses Can Perceive. It Is Theorized That This Altered Vibrational Frequency (Sometimes Called "Sub-Space") Is An Astral Plane Where Energy Demons Dwell Or Is Where The Energy From Our Soul Matrix goes After Our Physical Bodies Die. In The Absence Of Further Evidence We Will Merely Report These Theories And Not Speculate On Their Validity.

The Interdimensional Reptilians Are Able To Alter The Vibrational Frequency Which Seperates Our Dimension And Theirs (Also Called The 4th Dimension) In Areas Where Nuclear Testing Has Taken Place Due To Alterations In The Fabric Of Time-Space.Some Groups Of Interdimensional Reptilians Are Able To Freely Enter And Leave Our Dimension Through Portals That They Create.Some Of These Portals Have Been Torn By The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Which Accompany Nuclear Weapons Testing.The Appearance Of Interdimensional Reptilians And Their Vehicles Around Nuclear Test Sites Supports This Premise. It Is Also Possible That Extraterrestrial Reptilians Are Using The 4th Dimensional Vibrational Flux As A Means Of Transportation.Other Groups Of Interdimensional Beings Are Unable To Enter Our World As Easily And Must Rely On 3rd Dimensional Agents To Affect Change In This Dimension.

The Greatest Threat From The Interdimensional Beings Centers On Their Need For The Energies Provided From Emotional Responses And Their Ability To Manipulate The Suggestive Human Consciousness. Through Tools Such As Religion, Nationalism, Racism, And Other Emotionally Charged Conditions, They Are Able To Provoke Humans Through Stress, Anger, Guilt, And Most Of All FEAR, To Engage In Warfare Against Their Fellow Man, Creating A Vicious Cycle Of Even More Intense Human Emotions Through The Tragic Results Of These Conflicts. The Increasing Number Of Senseless Shootings At Schools, Day Care Centers And Postal Facilities Is A Direct Result Of The Hunger Of The Reptilians. The Emotional Responses To Reptilian Orchestrated Religious Worship, Global Conflict, Genocide, Drug Usage, Sexual Perversions And Violence In General All Provide These "Psychic Vampires" Or "Energy Leeches" With A Veritable Cornicopia Of Energy To Feast On. It's Time We Closed The Buffet Line.

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