UFO Symposium held in Colorado (22/7/2010)

Denver hosts gathering for UFO researchers

DENVER - The 41st annual International UFO Symposium is under way in Denver.

Participants are discussing topics including the history of alien craft crash retrievals, crop circle phenomenons, the nature of UFO abductions and new UFO case files.

The conference comes as Denver voters prepare to weigh-in this November on a proposed UFO commission "to ensure the health, safety and cultural awareness of Denver residents," as the ballot will read.

The Mutual UFO network studies "the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity," according to the group's press release, using the example of a recent videotaped "sighting" in China.

"The propulsion system that conveys these craft around so fast and so quick and so far...if we can develop that and turn that into energy we could have free energy here on this earth," said MUFON's international director, Clifford Clift of Greeley.

The group says its four-day symposium features some of the world's most high-profile UFO researchers sharing the latest techniques to investigate unexplained phenomena.

"People come to us that see things they can't explain and we try to do the best we can to either explain what they've seen, or investigate and determine that we should categorize it as 'unexplained' and why," said Steve Firmani, a MUFON investigator from Leominster, Massachusetts.

While government cover-ups, abductions and extra terrestrial shenanigans still dominate their agenda, their goal is very simple.

"To prove one way or the other if there are either advanced races visiting us," said Charles Modlin, the MUFON deputy director of investigations. "Is it possibly somebody from the future visiting us, is it an alternative dimension? I don't know and I would like to know better what it is."

The symposium runs through Sunday at the Marriott Denver Tech Center and the public is invited. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @http://twitter.com/uforeport2009

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