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Exposing the Satanic Empire by Keith Thompson 7


  • Mep630#

    Mep630 July 31, 2010 1:11:32 PM CEST

    International astronomical union?! LOL!whoa your way off here, the constellations were 'coined' so to say by the Sumerians and have been used all though the ages. What ever source gave you that idea is total garbage and should be treated as such.They do want to kill all religions, not just christianity. Then you will be forced to accept Lucifer or killed.Lucifer is a spiritual being, or alien, or wants to be worshiped as god on earth. As crazy as that sounds it is true. You find bits of truth and of this story in the bible and history.It is said, that Lucifer can actually enter and posses people who worship him. And it is considered an honor to have this happen to you, in satanic circles (to prove it is known to them to be true and something that happens often.) They want to make a one world government with one leader so that he can be possessed. I know this sounds fucked up but when you research these areas you will understand.

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