They don't practice what THEY preach!!

This goes out to all you leftist non-Jewish whites who have bought into this multiculturalism Diversity cult... The Jewish owned media machine [ and their is no denying Zionist pigs own ABC FOX CNN CBN MSNBC Disney, and ALL[!] of Hollywood!!] I dare you to try and prove that wrong!!!!! You will end up eating your words!! Now we always hear from these liers that interracial sex, and so-called Diversity and the blending of our different races is the way of the future!! And I am not saying that to grown people if they really love each other and are from different races should not be together.. WHAT I am saying though is that most Jews do not practice this in ISRAEHELL.!! In-fact they carry out very detailed DNA research on those who want to move to Israel, and if the don't pass the test?? Well then they can either live on the other side of the last Apartide wall in the human world or go back to where they came from, and in a hurry!! So while they tell all other nations they are the light of the world, and that we should all give up or cultures and get all mixed up in their brainwashed melting-pot they themselves will have no part of it!!!

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