Splitting UFO behind weather balloon? July 2010

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With call to National Weather Service confirms they DO NOT set aloft balloons that appear self-illuminating--shining like an early star in the dusk sky . Ones that pop out baby 'star' balloons that further duplicate themselves....

So what the heck is doing this? Irwin is really close to Murrysville and the neighboring towns around it reporting a large increase in UFO sightings in the last couple years. This object is seen on most nights when UFOs are reported later on in the same evening nearby... Coincidence? Doesn't seem so after a year's worth of study by myself and ENERGEEERESEARCH, the North Irwin resident who discovered this object that's been reappearing since last summer.

Now two others not far from this area (higher up in the Laurel mountains) have reported similar objectst:
70astrocreep: Has seen it "pop" similarly to this near SOMERSET, PA with his 8" telescope--with several smaller star-like objects around the main one.

slinkyshell1: Has seen it just fade after hovering in dusk sky near LIGONIER, PA .
NancyBrown1039 in Stahlstown, not far from BOTH locations, has reported multiple RED ORB UFOs over her property on July 10, 2010, running North to South along the heavily wooded State Parks.

(Although not always filmed, this fading away instead of "popping" has also been seen by ENERGEEERESEARCH in North Irwin & by him & me & two others in Oakmont on 7/25. I also saw it last summer pop one out in West Mifflin, PA while at Kennywood Park.

IF YOU READ THE COMMENTS ON THE OTHER VIDEOS WITH THE SAME PHENOMENON, YOU WILL SEE THAT OTHERS ARE SEEING THIS STRANGE THING IN OTHER LOCATIONS. Although disbelievers are still shaking their heads because they most likely have yet to see anything strange/convincing in the skies, if they would just READ and take note of the continuing INCREASE in UFO reports that sound similar to this type of sighting, they might just WAKE UP to what's going on, and quit bitching & making up excuses.

Just like the online video example of a weather balloon bursting--taken with pretty strong TELESCOPE, the guy at the NWS in Pittsburgh said they burst so high in the atmosphere you shouldn't be able to see them with the naked eye.

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