Sins is the regime of Temple Priests whilst Blasph

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Sins is the regime of Temple Priests whilst Blasphemy of Christ Jesus - 1. Moses made the Moral Laws in the Light of His Word, that is put on Christ and wrote Torah and he appointed Aaron of Levi Tribe to be the Priest in his Synagogues performing the Priestly duties as Cohen. When a Levi does the job of the Priest or Moral teacher, ideal defined by Christ Jesus in Matt.13.52 as the owner of the House who bringeth forth Treasures New and Old, then their title is Cohen. These Moses Priests slowly degenerated and became greedy and for the sake of Mammon and praises of people, they started to twist the moral laws in which the poor suffered as they could not pay the bribe. So, religious Darkness dominated and to enlighten the people that our Father God sends His very Son Christ Jesus to preach Gospel. Gospel being for the sensible people of age, they commit Blasphemy if they go against the Holy Spirit. So, in the Churches of God, it is the hypocrisy that counts and not the Moses sins. Time of Moses or of Moon has gone and now we bask in the winnowing Fire of Gospel for entry into the Royal Kingdom of God.
Thus any one who talks of sins in the Church of God, he is either a Blind guide of the blind or he is psychic opportunists seeking his own praises by thumping the Bible and shouting loud to frighten the people. Whereas the people who are blessed with holy spirit, they explain His Word in a sober manner and in the Light of Gospel, they expose the hypocrite officials and politicians.

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