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Gulf War Syndrome Killing Our Own 6 of 12

  • Nickel
  • uploaded: Aug 4, 2010
  • Hits: 1585


  • Rdiaz978#

    Rdiaz978 August 23, 2010 2:16:28 AM CEST

    i found the missing video onder the same file name, not in the avalible listing in the right side.sorry and thank.great information

  • Rdiaz978#

    Rdiaz978 August 23, 2010 12:52:21 AM CEST

    what is the reason of missing 3,4,5 files videos i look all around,triend to finde this videos,and why is so manny document videos whit the same problem.i think are desinformation houx, or not a total disclose? this is truft? make you'r comments

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