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Cop Quits Over Traffic Stop of Elderly Speeder


  • Parasitepigs#

    Parasitepigs August 8, 2010 5:24:06 AM CEST

    That is because your country "Canada" is completly under the rule of leftist wing nuts!! But don't worry America is catching up!! And one more thing for you FBI data miners to think about..!! Why is it all of these Law breakers are fat-ass little piggies like this one!!??? His fat ass could not catch me if he had a large, and I do say fucking LARGE rocket shoved up his fat fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cygnus#

    Cygnus August 8, 2010 2:32:36 AM CEST

    You Americans do not have a monopoly on idiot police . The Canadian R.C.M.P. for instance have become the second largest criminal organizatin on the planet. What with murders, drug dealing and prostitution to name a few of there favourite ceimes. Compared to what I have seen in North Vancouver British Columbia Canada . The nut case in this video is a pale pretender comared to the RCMP officer I stoped from killing my own son in my back yard .

  • Astroboy777#

    Astroboy777 August 7, 2010 8:29:58 PM CEST

    Where is the common sense shouts the voice of reason... Not with the Police that's obvious, it never fails to upset me when I see this kind of moronic behaviour from police officer, at worst it is a traffic offence, not criminal, so after the officer see what the situation is he should use his common sense... I would love to see his reaction if this was done to his father's friend if placed in a similar situation! IDIOT come to mind.

  • Crazyartist#

    Crazyartist August 7, 2010 2:17:15 AM CEST

    fat ass punk cop....he probably has a pecker the size of a tater tot!!!

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