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Flickering lights gets identified as craft. Please watch complete footage.
I did not have a tri pod but the footage will demonstrate abilities that the craft's movement was faster than the blink of an eye.
Stop the footage periodically and understand that when you see a blurred light on the footage that it really is the documentary of transformable expanding technology recorded at regular speed.
Frame by Frame. you are able to identify the discovery being made.
If you are interested in viewing the raw footage and the entire collection of extracted still images from the UFO X196 footage please go to the
Rivets and Rockets 2.0 Exhibit
Exhibit A Gallery
555 Pine Ave.
Long Beach California
August 27,2010 7-11PM

Exhibit A gallery (555 Pine Ave.) in downtown Long Beach will be the venue for this year’s show that will run the month of August with several special events planned to pack in the art lovers including the Supa-Atomic-Techno-Smorgaspalooza Friday, August 27th from 7pm-11pm featuring Live Performances, Projections from La Photobat and Music by the Dopeshow. The event will celebrate the launch of the new music video from the hit single “Technology” performed by Rajh, Gest & 2Mex, directed and animated by Dahveed!/Smorgasbord Productions.

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