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NatGeo:The Truth Behind UFOs Over Phoenix 4/4 2010

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: Aug 11, 2010
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It was one of the largest mass sightings in UFO history. In
1997, hundreds of people reported intensely bright balls
of light forming a "V" shape in the sky over Nevada and
Arizona. Some claimed to see an enormous, slow-moving
aircraft. But what's behind the bizarre occurrence later
nicknamed the "Phoenix Lights"? Was it an alien armada? A
top-secret military exercise? See home video and hear from
eyewitnesses who provide a vivid glimpse into what it
was like on the ground that eerie night. Join a team of
rocket scientists, physicists and engineers as they use
the latest in advanced technology to attempt to explain
the mysterious sightings.

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  • Murdock#

    Murdock August 25, 2010 1:31:30 PM CEST

    Another genius this videoexpert "I can tell you what its not..." Yeah, me too. It wasnt my chinese lantern, nor my bedside nightlight. Just listened to 50 minutes of experts talking and finally come to the same conclusion we began with: They can´t explain what it is.. I had the same conclusion just by common sense. I´m out of here..

  • Rcoppock#

    Rcoppock August 16, 2010 5:17:18 AM CEST

    If one can't fit all the data to a practical hypothesis,then one should consider that some of the data arewrong.Suppose the data about the Phoenix object movingfast are incorrect. Then, there remains an obvioushypothesis: the object was a large V shaped balloon.The Hindenburg was 800 feet long. It's quite possiblethat today we could make a 1500 foot gasbag. Itcould be translucent, invisible to radar, and it couldmove without making a sound, just as this objectwas reported to be.Suppose the military was testing a large V shapedlighter than air craft in Nevada and it got awayfrom them, drifting over Arizona?

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