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The Divine Couple

  • Oldsoul
  • uploaded: Aug 13, 2010
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  • Oldsoul#

    Oldsoul April 23, 2011 1:17:13 AM CEST

    I found those at 'stumbled on' at one of the art shops. once they passed the copywrite law,she started posting the names, but until then, they were images...many sent to her, that had no names. I'll see if I can find the shop name again for you.

  • Skiponline#

    Skiponline April 22, 2011 10:01:03 PM CEST

    Dear oldsoul,my highest apreciations for your sharing.Im reading through your topic "Devine Copuple Part2",I felt like wanting to know everything you had to share so I started to read this topic from the beginning(more than100 pages to go!)... Besides that I wanted to ask if you are able and willling to give some of the artist names from who you shared some images,Im especially looking for the authors of the pictures (3D image) at 01:40 and at 08:20 of this Part 2 of the Divine Couple. Wish you all the best of wealth.

  • Oldsoul#

    Oldsoul August 14, 2010 12:04:09 AM CEST

    thank you:)

  • Jedi1#

    Jedi1 August 13, 2010 8:44:56 PM CEST

    very nice, love the photos;)

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