Dr. Reed/Rutter Alien (6) - The Link Artifact

  • Uploaded by Terratop on Jun 22, 2008
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This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter).

Rutter ( Dr Reed ) had a camera and a camcorder in his backpack. So he hastily filmed and photographed everything at the scene of the encounter. Afterwards, he decided that since he believed the creature was dead, he would wrap it up in his emergency thermal blanket and take it home - and later decide what his next step would be.

As he was rolling the creature into the blanket he noticed something shiny on the ground nearby. By its strange hieroglyphic-like markings and unusual shape, he immediately deduced that it belonged to the creature - and so he wrapped it up with the creature as well. Since the creature only weighed about 40 lbs or so, he was able to use one arm to carry the creature using the straps of the thermal blanket - and he used his other arm to carry his backpack to help balance against the weight of the creature while he hiked back to his vehicle.

When he arrived home and eventually unwrapped the creature, there was the metallic object that he ultimately named the Link Artifact. Although there is no way to know for sure, he believed that it was some sort of communication device that the creature wore on its arm. He speculated that it may have been some sort of "link" to either the black obelisk floating nearby or perhaps a link to his "co-creatures"...which is why he named it the Link.

The hieroglyphic-like black symbols on the surface of the Link are not painted on. They are actually sticking up through an opening in the metal, similar to buttons - but they don't actually depress. Also, the black surface of each symbol has a somewhat gritty texture - almost like the texture of sandpaper.

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