IMAX: Cosmic Voyage pt 4/4

Explore the Universe from its tiniest particle to its greatest expanse.

Cosmic Voyage begins on Earth, firmly grounded in human perspective, and asks a fascinating question: Where exactly do we stand in the vastness of the cosmos? Where, between quark and quasar, is our place in space and time? You depart from Venice, where Galileo first demonstrated the use of the telescope. In 26 ""powers of ten"" stages, you ascend through our solar system and the Milky Way to the outer edges of the observable universe. Returning to Earth, you enter a drop of water and descend through sixteen ever-diminishing circles to the universe's tiniest particle, a quark. The film features a ""cosmic zoom"" as viewers are transported across millions of years as galaxies collide, the solar system forms and life begins on a young planet Earth. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @

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