Alex Jones Pointing His Dirty Finger At David Icke

Alex Jones Pointing His Dirty Finger At David Icke A "Mirror Moment"?

Personally I believe both of these guys work for the man. MI6 or whatever the hell they are called, and then red white and blues nazi's FBI/CIA Alex Jones...

Both disinfo specialists, and laughing at you people all the way to the bank, neither ever coming up with one REAL solution.

Here is a Great friend of mine, and her view on Alex Jones, I could not have said this better;

"Agreed-NO FEAR HERE never had it--- to old to start now.Not to say there have not been times I have not been afraid but that was over the life of someone I loved and once for my life-(story some other time)
so when i hear people like Alex Jones preying on those that have woke up and started looking around or scaring the hearts of the children -well to be blunt only an asshole with no other thought than his own ratings would do such a thing.

Ever notice he doesn't have a solution?

He whines and moans ,screams and hollers about the possibility of Horrors but not one solution of any value does he spout. and all of what he spouts is OLD stuff as a rule - stuff I have known for 20 plus years and many other people as well .
He is preying on those that are young and know no better.
His mouth is wide open, his voice is many decibels tooo loud and with all those words he says nothing at all -sorta like politicians.

Real solutions take time creative thought and wisdom and whether one is trying to listen to themselves and their own inner voice or seeking the inner silence so the Holy Spirit can be heard-I can tell U for a fact we will not find a solution listening to Alex Jones or anyone else like him.
People like him are smoke and mirrors.
Designed to confuse and displace attention from the real things going on in our world.
Why?---well he is famous isn't he. There is always the possibility (most likely) that he is someone who is allowed to do this to distract the public and scatter their attention so far and wide chasing what ifs that no one gets it together and does anything because people are all just trying to figure out and research what he places in front of our eyes.

Meanwhile People Like McCain push legislation through that places old women ,old men,children ect. from a home they have lived in since the time of Christ and puts them on a place full of Radioactive waste and where was his mouth on that or any of the Seal slaughters or the starving children or the homeless or ones held unjustly in jail because they were not rich enough to afford a good lawyer or abused Children or or or-the list goes on and on infinitum.
As far as I am concerned he is a mouthpiece for the Man Smoke and Mirrors Baby! Smoke and Mirrors!

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