Alex Jones CoinTelPro Cooper his competition DEAD

Alex Jones Coin-Tel-Pro Cooper his competition DEAD

NOTE IMPORTANT: COOPER retracted his belief in ALIENS in the later 90's. He believed he was "fed" that to discredit him "later", he was given "disinfo". So do not believe anyone who says "Cooper believed in UFO's", again that is pissing on his GRAVE...UGH! God rest his Soul, and Bless his wife and Daughter. :(

Ok, this whacked out Jones says Cooper did this and that and was killed by the sheriff's. He dosen't even question the fact that the witnesses were only Sheriff Deputies.

Mr. CONSPIRACY...yet his Competition a TRUE PATRIOT WILLIAM COOPER is dead, with the Warrant being issued on 911.

How dare anyone promote Alex "Pea Brain" Jones. He did not even "dig" into Cooper's Death at all. MR DIG? Yeah right!!! UGH UGH UGH..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! He agrees with "The Man" about Cooper..hmmm..hello RED FLAG? Calls Cooper a "Bitter Olde Patriot"..Grrrr.."Lost It" double grrr...grrr.

I swear not only am I putting together this March I am NOW making it my mission to SHOUT DOWN Alex PEA BRAIN Jones. Hmm Maybe I can push him off the radio somehow...hahaha..hmm I am not "The Man" like he is..hmm have to ponder an idea for this one. :) May take a day or two... :) :) :)

All that being said, don't get me wrong, I myself, think their is some sort of ETs out there to, it would be ignorant of us to think we are the most "Intelligent" creature in the Universe, especially since we kill each other most are starving and we are destroying this Big Ole Rock we live on, not to "Intelligent", if you ask me. :)

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