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Gun Grabbers!! 101!!


As these duel Israeli citizens fight to "DISARM" the American people!! These same JEWISH RACIST have a much different voting record when it comes to expanding the Gun Ownership rights of their true country men in ISRAEHELL!! And to all of you ninny liberal anti- gun fools out there in America who think peace with these evil men will change things??? Better think twice?? You want peace, but in the end all you will really get is a "piece" put in your face and be told what to do because now you are powerless!!! Now do what the government man tells you and get on your knees!!

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  • Parasitepigs#

    Parasitepigs August 18, 2010 8:36:21 PM CEST

    More and more people are lossing their asses, and as they continue to suffer hesd will roll!! Let's just make shure we don't mess up and get the real crminals!!"They always want us to go after their fall guys, and that we must not do!! We got to pull 'em up buy the roots

  • Flecktarn#

    Flecktarn August 17, 2010 1:23:53 AM CEST

    fight back before its to late ,,, and also who votes these zionists in ,,,shoot them

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