Low Altitude Sprayer Plane filmed by "3rdEyeDear"

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Originally posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP13vwL5sUk
The official story is bifurcated. On the one hand those who know the atmospheric processes and differences between condensation trails and clouds are now called "conspiracy theorists". On the other hand we are given the official explanation of "geoengineering" and "solar radiation management", whereby planes spray the atmosphere with toxic particulates for the purpose of blotting out the Sun (while poisoning our air supply).

Note that on page 3 of the above link it says: "THE INJECTION OF SULPHATE AEROSOLS into the stratosphere TO MIMIC THE COOLING EFFECT CAUSED BY LARGE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS."

The document was published just a month BEFORE the volcanic eruption reports that grounded flights across Europe in April 2010.

This video clip shows a plane making a cloud at low altitude. Spraying at low-level does not fit the "geoengineering" explanation. Why spray so low over populated areas? What is the synthetic cloud composed of? Why is the public's lifestyle ("carbon footprint") being blamed for "human-caused" climate change when the real culprits spraying away go unmentioned?

Watch "Don't Talk About the Weather" (playlist on this channel) to see why we need answers now.

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