Hirelings white washed cups are Anti Christs with

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Hirelings Silken white washed cups are Anti Christs with Pope, the greatest of all - 7. Mary was not the Mother of Christ Jesus but a care taker woman of Judah tribe and so was Joseph in line of King David, a caretaker father. Jesus' Parents is God, Who is both Father and Mother, Holy Spirit. The One Who represents the Father is always Son and so, the Family of God is God, our Father known through the merciful deeds and therefore mercy is the Light of God that was missing among the people of Jerusalem, our Mother is Holy Spirit that feeds us His Word and the one who represents the Father is always the Son. None of them the family of God is a Binder but they are all Liberators. In God, we enjoy Freewill that people miss in Yahweh, a jealous and revengeful demi-urge god of Nature or what you see with your two naked eyes, our Mother feeds us with His Word that is a double edged Sword that Liberates us and others by making each a Solitary and Son, Christ Jesus came to set us FREE from the yoke of the Temple Rabbis. Then, who is Lord in the Royal Family of God? None. In Jesus, we have One Father and we are Brethren with Christ Jesus as the anointed Elder Brother whilst the Apostles as the Elder Brethren who became Twins at Pentecost when they were paid their Wage, Holy Spirit. So, Gospel is for the sensible twice born people that John, the Baptist was producing through baptism in the name of Abraham and then handing them over to Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus addressed them as the salt of the earth, faithful to Abraham sons. Gospel is for the predestined people of discerning intellect who are Solitary thinkers or Masters of their own destiny suitable for giving their own account to God. Stupid people go for these white-washed cups and fight sectarian riots as in Ireland. This is just the Tip of Gospel.

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