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UFO & Aliens: Making Contact pt 4/5 (Episode 1/3)

UFO & Aliens: Search for the Truth- Making Contact (Episode 1)

Narrated by Jeri Ryan (Star Trek, Voyager), this program features stunning visualizations, state-of-the-art animation, and interviews with the top experts in the field of science, technology and UFOology - including a talk with Jill Tarter (the real-life inspiration for the book and film Contact). Initially broadcast on The Learning Channel, UFOs & Aliens includes clips from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Orson Welles in his War of the Worlds prime. Based on factual evidence and explored with flair, this collection provides an entertaining and exciting examination of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and our efforts to contact and communicate with potential extraterrestrial life and interstellar space.

Episode 1: Making Contact

Making Contact explores the far-reaching efforts of scientists and laymen to track down evidence of extraterrestrial life. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @

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