Partition of India was created by the Three Lalas,

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Partition of India was created by the Three Lalas, the shopkeepers, who take the villagers for fools as the Jews take Gentile for fools. I was 14 years old and my father used to be in the education department. First he was ADI of Schools but as he was not taking bribe, he did not pass it on to his superiors. They were not happy with him and around 1942 he was demoted to a School teacher in the Government High School, Montgomery. During the summer holidays, we shifted to our village Dhannuana, 91RB and took with us what we could.

My father had the basic religious knowledge that a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, etc being the spiritual selves are never born and they never die but the tribal selves Jatt, Arorra, Khatri, Julah, Tarkhan, Loohar, etc tribal people. On this basis, he visited villages to inform them as they have rejected their tribal fathers, then be ready to leave your tribal homes and properties. So, that is what happened that our tribal fathers threw us out their homes to look for the homes of our new fathers, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, etc that people ran to religious places for shelter. And over their, the religious heads told them if you are not faithful to your tribal fathers, then we cannot accept you. People turned fanatics and killed each other without any speck of shame. But the villages my father visited informing them that we the tribal people are born and they will die during the riots and if there is any enmity between tribes it is a good chance to settle but there was none and they protected each other.

While in our village, our village Nimak Harami Maraasi could not resist from his character and told the neighbouring village of Arians, Nakodar, that we have got men in our village to attack them. So, the Zaildar of Arians surrounded our village with a force of 2000 or more to attack us and before attacking, he sent that Marassi to bring the Numberdar of the village to him. My uncle was numberdar and my father accompanied him. They sat on the Charpai where the Zaildar was resting and first of all, he seemed not happy for my father sitting on his Charpai. But when my father explained to him that we tribal people are born and will die during the fight and if there is any enmity, it is a good chance to settle. Zaildar understood the logic and he became good friend and gathered all those who wanted to attack us and told them these Jatts are our friends and no harm should come to any of us. They kept their words but a Shah Thanedar was not happy for the Arians not participating in the attacks. Zaildar if requested my father that let us go and stop this Partition. My father said, it is too late. Partition was led by the Three hypocrite Lalas as this Dark Age, Kalyug belongs to Khatri Lalas. Detailed version is on my web site and Youtube under channel nijjhar1.

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